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Commercial Website Success

Despite stiff competition for search engine recognition,
you CAN have a successful commercial website,
placed prominently in search engine results
by using the following strategy.

  Know your customers = Find your niche
  Observe the basics of SEO
  Focus on content, meaningful content

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small business website design

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small business website design

small business website design

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Why Your Small Business Needs a Website:

     First and foremost, your business needs a website because your customers expect it. Your customers expect to find a website which not only gives them essential contact information and hours, lists and descriptions of products and services, but also provides them with a sense of who you are, why your business is unique, and why they should come to you.

     As of 2018, worldwide there are more than 4 billion regular internet users, and it is estimated that about 90% of those will contact businesses they found on the internet. Retail e-commerce sales worldwide are forecast to nearly double between 2016 and 2020. During an April 2017 survey, 40 percent of internet users in the United States stated that they purchased items online several times per month!

     In addition to increasing sales and legitimizing your business in the eyes of your customers, a website will add real value to your business for investors, bankers, and potential buyers. Don't even try to get a bank loan or investors without a thoughtful website.

Google and Search Engine Optimization:

     A successful website is one that gets found and looked at. The best way to be found is to place high on Google search results. Seriously, look at this...

Google Marketshare

Google doesn't even have a contender. Search Engine Optimization is achieved by following basic SEO principles and fine-tuning processes to match changes in Google algorithms.

     One thing to understand about search engines is that they are looking for the one, single webpage, that best matches a given keyword phrase.  They don't look at your site as a whole.  That's just part of the reason you need to use something like the strategy outlined below to get their attention.

     But even with all the competition and rigorous standards, you can still gain prominence in Google (and Yahoo and all the rest) by finding your niche, observing the basics of search engine optimization, providing view-worthy content.

The Basics:

   KEYWORDS  You must come up with a list of keyword phrases, phrases that a potential customer or client would put into a search engine to find your products and services.  Have meetings and brainstorm with your colleagues.  This is the first step of search engine optimization, and there isn’t really anything to talk about until you’ve come up with this list.

     To achieve high search engine relevance, a separate page on your site should be written for each keyword phrase.  This page should have a lot of text including the phrase.  Image names, meta tags, and descriptions should be tailored to repeat these words.  Not only that.  The page needs to actually say something about the keyword concept, and it needs to say it better and at greater length than your competitors’ webpages.

   DESCRIPTIONS  Page description is the text that comes up with search engine results… 20 to 150 words.  You know it.  You read it to see which site in the results you want to visit.

     Basically, you want to be straightforward and informative when writing a description.  That is, include the facts, and leave out the superlatives.  Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and write a single, complete sentence that lets people know what you have, and why they want it.

     Now, write a separate description for each keyword page.

   SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSIONS  Mostly, direct submissions to search engines just speed things up.  They are a good way to kick start a new or revamped website, and you can start to see the effect you site will have in, say, four weeks rather than three to four months, if you launch a search engine submission campaign.

     There are often good discounts for submitting multiple domains at the same time: like, submit five for the cost of three. If you want to do search engine submissions, see if you can find other website owners to do it with. Ask your webmaster about it.  I try to put together a group submission campaign for my web clients once or twice a year.

   RECIPROCATING LINKS  People at large commercial websites have made careers out of forming reciprocating link alliances.  Links into your site are important.  You’ve got to have a few just to get your site crawled and indexed.  For links to help your search engine results placement, they must be relevant to the keyword page to which they are linked.

     Ask your vendors for reciprocating links to their websites.  Make it part of your purchasing strategy and procedure.  And don't just let them link to your home page.  Have them link directly to your most relevant, product / keyword page.

     Finally, CONTENT  Imagine having a page so useful, or interesting, or entertaining, that others link to it based on its merit alone.

     If location is the secret to success in brick and mortar business, then the three most important things determining your website's success are content, content, content!  New Google algorithms make this truer than ever, as they tighten their focus and demand more specific and relevant information.

     Bottom line:  If you want a top-10 webpage, you’re going to have to build a top-10 webpage. Contact Cheryl Tupper, SDWEBPRO, to find out how.


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   SDWEBPRO is headed by Cheryl Tupper, a Microsoft certified expert in website design, business solutions, Microsoft application development, project management and internet presence design.

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